Hi. My name’s Valeriy and I have a diabetes.

Apart from that I have a wife, a job, I drive my own car, go snowboarding and allow myself a bit of whiskey on holidays. And it’s because a diabetes is not as bad as it’s said in 20-year-old medical books. It’s possible to live a full life and enjoy it - all that’s needed is a bit of discipline.

If I didn’t have a diabetes, I would be more “diseased” than I am now. Diagnosis has become a kind of incentive, which most of healthy people are lacking. I’ve started doing regular sport activities, given up overeating, lost some weight and become more attentive to my body. A person has the only body, but when the body runs out - life runs out too.That’s why I concentrate a lot on a balanced diet, exercising and any suspicious health problems.