Keep a proper stable level of blood sugar

To control it easily, you need internal discipline and particular procedures.


Calculate your own dose of insulin. It takes a few days to observe and try out to detect your precise dose - the more accurate it is, the less difficulties you’ll face during the treatment.

Will help with this «Diabetes2000» — it is a free programme.


Organise your own menu. Try to avoid many carbs because they affect blood sugar the most. But proteins and fats should be included. It’s recommended to eat fish, vegetables and cheese. You don’t need to deny anything, but you should know how many bread units and calories you eat to compensate them with insulin.

*Bread Unit - approx. 11 grams of carbs, we advise you to calculate your own amount of bread units.


Check the blood sugar level regularly, use insulin and be picky about what you are eating. Keep a Personal diary to watch the reactions of your body to different kinds of food and adapt your treatment in the long run.


Help yourself out by strength and endurance training. It helps you to burn off excess sugar, lose weight and feel better in general. Do not forget about extra food and blood sugar control while exercising.