For any treatment there is a risk of complications. The most common are hypoglycemia, neuropathy and retinopathy. You should be ready to any of these upfront.


Hypoglycemia appears when the level of blood sugar decreases lower then 4-3,5 mmol/l. To overcome it, you need to drink a glass of juice, eat a bit of sugar, candies or jam.

The typical symptoms: hunger, irritability, shiver, asthenia, headache, visual distortion. Often the complication appears after additional physical activity that was not compensated with extra nutrition.

ПAfter the attack, be sure to think about how it could be caused. Just in case tell your relatives and colleagues about symptoms and ways of eliminating them. Leaving your home, always take a diabetes alert card with you.


Neuropathy occurs when the blood supply to the retina is disturbed.

It appears variously: tingling in the fingers, numbness, loss of sensitivity to pain or temperature, muscles burning and pain.

If you have such symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately: neuropathy affects the systems, that control breathing and heart beating.


Retinopathy occurs when the blood supply to the retina is disturbed. The complication is painless, but it can be detected by the floating spots in your eyes and blurry vision, progressing vision loss.

If something like this appears, you should see an ophthalmologist and start the treatment. Advanced stage of retinopathy leads to blindness.